Gilwell Park Landscape & Irrigation Improvements


The summer and fall of 2020 saw Grassroots begin work on a major irrigation and landscape renovation of Gilwell Park in Medicine Hat.  This is a City of Medicine Hat project and Grassroots is working closely with George Harris Collaborative from Calgary, who is the design and project consultant.  The irrigation system was installed in 8 weeks and consisted [...]

Big Marble Farms Greenhouse Expansion


In the summer of 2018 Grassroots was contracted by BYZ Enterprises to perform both drill seeding, and hydroseeding of Flexterra FGM applications in Outlook, SK on the Reach 6 Irrigation Canal system.  There was over 20ha of drill seeding and 1.9ha of Flexterra FGM installation.  The Flexterra was used as an approved alternative to ECB on this project and was very successful in its application.  Grassroots continues [...]

Kinbrook Island Provincial Park


In the fall of 2016 Grassroots was contracted by Alberta Parks to construct 30 new campsites complete with electrical services at Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, just south of Brooks, AB. The construction included topsoil stripping and site grading, topsoil placement, installation of gravel for the road and stalls, 31 zone HDPE irrigation system w/ Rainbird [...]

Strathcona Park Playground / Water Park & Irrigation Renovation


In 2010 Strathcona Island Park Playground and Water Park underwent a full renovation. Grassroots was contracted to install new water and storm lines to the Water Park, regrade the area, install a new HDPE irrigation system (Mainline & Laterals), new asphalt trail, and sod all disturbed areas. Once completed, Strathcona Island Park was once again [...]

Southlands 6B


2015 saw Grassroots construct the flagship community park for the City of Medicine Hat Land & Properties Division. This park saw the construction of a toboggan hill, limestone waterfall and creek feeding into a pond that services the irrigation system with both potable and raw water capabilities. On top of all that, Grassroots installed a [...]

Ranchlands Future School Site


A turnkey project for The City of Medicine Hat Parks Department, Grassroots worked hard to transform this 14 acre site into a lush landscape with a wildflower dry pond for the local community. Grassroots own forces and subcontractors completed the site grading, topsoil placement & amendment, installation of a 32 zone HDPE Rainbird irrigation system, [...]

City Hall Flood Repairs


Following the flood of the South Saskatchewan River in 2013, Grassroots was hired on an emergency basis to repair several key sites around the City, one of which was the high profile project of City Hall. This project involved stripping of the affected areas, cleaning and repair of the existing irrigation system and restoration of [...]

Lions Park Irrigation Renovation


In 2012, Grassroots undertook the full irrigation renovation at Lions Park in the City of Medicine Hat. The project saw the installation of a VFD Booster pump with a Rainbird control system, 6” HDPE mainline and 2” & 3” HDPE laterals throughout not only the park but also 2 little league ball diamonds. With the [...]

Brooks Quad


Grassroots completed this 4 diamond project in 2013 for the City of Brooks. Highlights of the project included full site grading, topsoil placement, 32 zone Hunter Decoder irrigation installation (HDPE mainline, PVC laterals, VFD Booster Pump), shale supply & placement, sod (Big Roll) and hydroseeding as well as tree planting.

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